So, a lot of my old followers know this story— but a couple years back my PC suffered a hard-drive failure. I lost almost everything on it. I had managed to back up a few docs here and there (and I thankfully I had begun moving things over to Evernote), but I lost 99% of my computer files.

And that included a lot of my writing. It was a very sad and traumatizing experience to lose SO MANY stories I had written over the years. So, please don’t let that happen to you!

If you were waiting for a sign to back up your writing, and everything you care about, THEN THIS IS THAT SIGN.

  • Save it on a USB Flash drive
  • Upload it to the Cloud
  • Save it on Evernote
  • Email it to yourself
  • Whatever you need to do— do it!

This message was brought to you by: a very sad-looking document and a dorky boi named M. Kirin. For more writerly content, follow: And remember, only you can save those documents from a hard-drive failure!

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Stop making books into films and start making them into a tv show so we could have a lot more detail to them and they can stick to the book easier.

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